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Introduction of Student Affairs Division


Student Affairs Division (BHEP)

Established in 1975 subsequent to the enactment and coming into force of Universities and University College Acts (AUKU) 1971 (Act 30).

Head of HEP

The division is headed by a Deputy Vice Chancellor, assisted by several senior officers who are Head of Section and other Administrative Officers.

Enforcement of AUKU Provisions

BHEP enforce the provisions in the Universiti Malaya (Disipline of Students) Rules 1999, apart from several other provisions in the AUKU 1971.


UM (Student Bodies) Statute 1979

This statue empower the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs) to manage and administer the activities of various Students Bodies in campus.

UM (Discipline of Student) Rules 1999

These rules are made under the AUKU 1971 to provide for disciplinary offence imposition of punishment, as well as for disciplinary proceedings for appeals.

Student Representative Council

Under AUKU 1971, apart from emhasizing on the establishment, maintenance and administration of university also provides for the setting up the Student Representative Council and Student Bodies under the Universiti Malaya Constitution.


Student First

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