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The Entrepreneurship and student development affairs (UKP) aims to facilitate and support students in exploring the possibility of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. 

Our mission is to cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets among graduates and producing graduate entrepreneurs with the right attributes, knowledge, and skills to become sustainable, competitive entrepreneurs.

UKP also is determined to produce student entrepreneurs that are competitive and sustainable; that is, possessing the capacity to manage the business well into the future, create jobs, and contribute to the country’s economy through programs and activities offered.

Programs and activities offered from UKP are:
1)   IdeaLab@HEP
2)   Entrepreneurship Courses for Beginners
3)   E-Marketing Training 
4)   Digital Apprenticeship 
5)   MOHE/External Entrepreneurship

UKP also manage the Student Mall, comprising of 6 shop lots and 3 kiosk units which are available to students to kick-start their business.


General Number: 


Sha’ary Bin Mat Din

Muhammad Sholeh Bin Mohd Rashid

Last Update: 07/09/2021