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For Undergraduate Students, we would like to inform you that on your first year of education term, you will be eligible automatically to accommodate our Residential Colleges as soon as you become one of our family members at the University of Malaya. As a guaranteed tenants, you need to grab this opportunity to be an active student at college, university, national or even international level in order to gain the merit points.

For your information, all merit points which had been collected by your participated activities will definitely support your application to secure your place at any On Campus Accommodation for the next semester. You may check the application on your official student account at MyUM and proceed to apply your accommodation for the next session. As for second year and above, you need to compete with other students so as to get your place secured for the next term by raising up your merit points before proceed to apply your next placement at any Residential College.

Besides, during current semester of studies, you also can make your application through MyUM Open Application. But, you must know that it will be approved depend on vacancies on selected residential colleges. If there is no any vacancies left, you will be sorting into the waiting list. Please refer to IMPORTANT NOTICES so you are not going to miss out any of our notices!

For your additional information, local Undergraduate students are charged with a nominal amount of RM 6.50 to RM 20.00 per day.  

What happened if you get to know that you not meet our eligibility applicants to occupy at our On Campus Accommodation? Don’t get worry because we also provide you a list of Off-Campus Accommodation below to check the vacancies at any places with the given contact numbers to deal with.


Last but not least, for applicants who had diagnosed with disabilities, we will give all possible support to help Disabled Students so as to secure their future accommodation for the next session which best suits their needs. Plus, you may also directly contact Za’ba Residential College at 03 – 7956 7946 if you need further information about disabled students’ accommodation and facilities offered for them.

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Last Updated: 22/08/2019