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Tun Ahmad Zaidi Residential College or more commonly known as the Tenth Residential College is one of the residential colleges within the University of Malaya campus. Tun Ahmad Zaidi Residential College started its operation on 1 June 1997. It took its name after the state Governor of Sarawak at that time, namely Allahyarham Tun Datuk Patinggi (Dr.) Ahmad Zaidi Adruce bin Muhammed Noor.
The construction of Tun Ahmad Zaidi Residential College covered an area of 6.6 acres and it can accommodate 786 students. The cost of construction was RM15 million in which the State Government of Sarawak donated RM10 million while the rest of the cost, which was RM5 million, was borne by University of Malaya. This amount included the cost of construction, equipment and consultation fee.
The architectural concept and colors chosen are based on the theme of the state of Sarawak. The black roof tiles get its inspiration from features of belian shingles roofing and are matched with red paint to symbolize the heritage of the state. This college consists of one Administration block and four 3-storey residential blocks. The Administration building houses the College Administration Office, Muroh Hall, Meeting Room, Seminar Room, Conference Room, Study Room, Consultation Room, Student Representative Room, Praying Room, Mini Mart, Telecommunication Shop and Photocopy Shop. The residential blocks consist of Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D. The unique feature of the residential blocks lies in the third storey of each block that has a verandah supported by pillars similar to the structural system found in Sarawak’s longhouses. As there are slopes between the administration and residential blocks, covered walkways with stairs are constructed to link all the blocks. Each block is accessible by road too.

Block A has been newly refurbished and renovated with major upgrade in the rooms, alleys, bathrooms, laundry room and other facilities in the block as one of the steps taken in providing services and facilities that are of modern and global standard. Access to the block and the rooms is being enhanced through the usage of access cards and keys as well the installation of motion sensors for better convenience of the students. Fully furnished en-suites on the first floor with attached bathroom and air-conditioned are provided to students and visitors as well as upgraded twin-sharing room from the second floor upwards. The block will remain the flagship block for students and visitors alike with modern and comfortable environment.



 Residence Open To  Exchange Students, Short-term, Local Undergraduates, Postgraduates & Visitors
 Capasity  727 tenants
 Number of Blocks  3 blocks for female students, 1 blocks for male students
 Accommodation Rate  Without food (Undergraduate) :
  1. RM7.00 per day (Tripple sharing basis accommodation).
  2. RM7.50 per day (Twin sharing basis accommodation).

 Without food (Postgraduate) :

  1. RM20.00 per day.

 For Block A - Open For All (Female only):-

  1.  En-suite Room: RM70/ day, RM1,500/ month
  2.  Twin Sharing Room: RM25/ day/ person
  3.  Twin Sharing Room: RM35/ day/ person (air-condition)


  1. Conference Room (1)
  2. Seminar Room (1)
  3. Meeting Room (2)
  4. Study Room (1)
  5. Muroh Hall
  6. Surau
  7. Student Representative Room (1)
  8. Cafeteria & Kiosk
  9. Sport Facilities (Equipment, Courts & Outdoor gymnasium)
  10. Paid Launderette (Washing & Dryer)
  11. Parking Lots (Covered & Open)
  12. Van
  13. Water Dispenser
  14. Groceries Shop, Telecommunication Shop & Photocopy Shop
  15. Vending Machines (Snacks and drinks)
  16. WiFi (UM WiFi, Celcom & Private)
  17. Projector & LCD Screen
  18. PA System
  19. TV Room & Recreation
  20. Seating Areas


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