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We would like to welcome the new Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students to the University of Malaya and a delightful thanks to all of you for making our beloved varsity as your first choice of higher learning. We know that finding the right place to live during your time studying at University of Malaya is extremely important. Our accommodation will allow you to enjoy your time with us in safe, welcoming and sociable surroundings. University of Malaya will quickly turn to be your new home from your own home. But, we also would like to inform you that we only serve a fully furnished room at Residential Colleges on the campus for Undergraduate Students. While for Postgraduate Students, you need to find an alternative way to get your cosy room within off the campus although you can still apply and get a chance to stay in campus if there is any availability and vacancy offered for you.


For Undergraduate Students, we would like to inform you that on your first year of education term, you will be eligible automatically to accommodate our Residential Colleges as soon as you become one of our family members at the University of Malaya. As a guaranteed tenants, you need to grab this opportunity to be an active student at college, university, national or even international level in order to gain the merit points.

For your information, all merit points which had been collected by your participated activities will definitely support your application to secure your place at any On-Campus Accommodation for the next semester. You may check the application on your official student account at MyUM and proceed to apply your accommodation for the next session. As for second year and above, you need to compete with other students so as to get your place secured for the next term by raising up your merit points before proceed to apply your next placement at any Residential College.

What happened if you get to know that you not meet our eligibility applicants to occupy at our On-Campus Accommodation? Don’t get worry because we also provide you a list of Off-Campus Accommodation below to check the vacancies at any places with the given contact numbers or just simply click at their official website to deal with.

Last but not least, for applicants who had diagnosed with disabilities, we will give all possible support to help disabled students so as to secure their future accommodation for the next session which best suits their needs. Plus, you may also directly contact Za’ba Residential College at 03 – 7967 3420 if you need further information about disabled students’ accommodation and facilities offered for them.


For Postgraduate Students, if you are interested to apply for our On-Campus Accommodation, we would like to suggest you our homelike Residential Colleges. You may apply for them directly at the official office of Residential College the one you interested the most. To ease your matters, please proceed to the On-Campus Accommodation list to take a look at the available Residential Colleges to accommodate.

You also may call the Residential College Official Office through the contact number given below in order to check the vacancies before making a direct application to secured your place. Besides, if there weren’t any vacancies at On-Campus Accommodation, please don't worry because we also give you a multiple choices at Off-Campus Accommodation so as to seek your private rented place to live nearby the campus.

In addition, you also may apply at our International House and it’s good to know that priority will be given to International Students who single or being accompanied by a partner or family. But, it is important to note that your approval application only depend on vacancies and NOT guaranteed to be approved if the accommodation has been fully occupied.


For both of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, you can still apply your accommodation at our Residential Colleges if there are any vacancies available for you.

How to apply On-Campus Accommodation for Undergraduate Student?

  1. You need to contact them by the given contact numbers and check if there is any vacancy open for anyone whom interested to apply.
  2. Make an application through MyUM.

How to apply On-Campus Accommodation for Postgraduate Student?

  1. You need to contact them by the given contact numbers and check if there is any vacancy open for anyone whom interested to apply.
  2. Write an application letter to the Master of any Residential College which you are interested to stay at, based on their vacancies availability.

 But, it is important to note that your approval application only depend on vacancies and NOT guaranteed to be approved if the accommodation has been fully occupied.

1.    Asrama Tuanku Abdul Rahman (ASTAR) First Residential College.  03-7967 3415
2.  Tuanku Bahiyah (Second Residential College)  03-7967 3416
3.  Tuanku Kurshiah (Third Residential College) 03-7967 3417
4.  Bestari (Fourth Residential College) 03-7967 3418
5.  Dayasari (Fifth Residential College) 03-7967 3419
6.  Ibnu Sina (Sixth Residential College) 03-7967 4977
7.  Za'ba (Seventh Residential College) 03-7967 3420
8.  Kinabalu (Eighth Residential College) 03-7967 3216
9.  Tun Syed Zahiruddin (Ninth Residential College) 03-7967 3336
10.  Tun Ahmad Zaidi (Tenth Residential College) 03-7967 3385
11.  Ungku Aziz (Eleventh Residential College) 03-7967 4629
12.  Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (Twelfth Residential College) 03-7957 7367



Besides, we also can give you a lot of suggestions as an alternative way to find your own comfy room to accommodate based on your own budget. Here, we offer  you a list that you can directly contact for your accommodation matters. Any students, who are interested to rent a house/room, may directly contact the owners of the property as advertised in the directory and may deal further with them to get the best reasonable rental amount. But, it is important to note that University of Malaya is NOT to be held responsible for any misuse of the information in the directory by any irresponsible party.

1.  International House
 Priority given to international students whom are single or accompanied by a partner or family.
 03-7875 0063
2.  MAHSA University - Jalan University Campus (JUC)  03-7965 2555
3.  South View Bangsar South Serviced Apartment  03-9212 5711
4.   The OAK Student Suites Ara Damansara 011-2328 8688
5.  Hostel Hunting 03-2201 1125
011-3702 1788
6.  Mudah.my -
7.  Ibilik.my -
8.  Iproperty.com -





  • Kg. Kerinchi area
  • Pantai Dalam area

 RM800 - RM1000
RM1500 - RM2000
RM2500 - RM3000

 Flat (3 rooms)
Apartment (3 rooms)
Condominum - air conditioned (Fully furnished)


  • Bangsar area
 RM1500 - RM2000
 RM1500 - RM2000
 Apartment (3 rooms)
Terrace house


  • Section 12, 14, 16, 17
  • SS 2
RM1600 - RM2000
RM1400 - RM1800
Condominum (3 rooms)
Terrace house


 Mr. Rozaini Abdul Rahim
 Head of Section
 Senior Assistant Registrar
 03-7967 3509


 Mr. Mohd Hairil Zainal Abidin
 Administrative Officer
 03-7967 3548


Mrs. Norhaniza Supaat Mr. Azman Mansor
Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant
03-7967 3563  03-7967 7068
niza80@um.edu.my  man_786@um.edu.my


Last Updated: 26/07/2019