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The objectives are:

• To determine health status for new university entrants by screening their medical reports and calling up those with health problems for further investigation and management.
• To ensure continuous good health among university students through the "Primary Health Care Concept". 
• Under this concept, student will be able to achieve academic success and attain personal development.
• To provide health education for students so that they inculcate a positive attitude towards health and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Operational Objectives

1. To screen the medical report of every new student that has been handed in to ensure that the health status is satisfactory. Additionally, to re-examine the student if necessary and to report to the academic authorities about problems which need to be addressed or issue a referral to the specialist at the University of Malaya Medical Centre.
2. To offer a comprehensive and effective medical and health service including specialist services at the University of Malaya Medical centre and government hospitals.
3. To keep the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Division informed of situations that could affect the health of students from the aspect of contagious diseases and food.

Last Updated: 10/07/2019