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These UM Students Built An App To "Connect Uni Students" & No, It's Not Just For Dating

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Vulcant Post  |  24 January 2019

University students always have a problem finding sufficient information in regards to university events and competitions; most of the time, the only way they can find it is by looking at notice boards filled with random stuff.

When you have a situation such as finding suitable student housemates, you end up turning to social media platforms like Facebook to find one.

These are just a few things that students have to face throughout their uni days, but this Malaysian startup run by University of Malaya undergraduates is looking to putting an end to it with an app called UniChat.

“When it came to university related matters, there wasn’t a specific platform that gathers students’ issues and tackles the problems, ” Hung Ngiap the brains behind UniChat explained.

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Last Updated: 29/01/2019