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It's a good way to start your semester at University of Malaya with our latest facilities and services, Japan Apartment. Here, we would like to present you our new apartment that can be rented in case if you are looking forward to our off-campus accommodation.

In Japan Apartment, you will share your home with another 5 tenants who are going to be your housemates for one session of current academic calendar. It will just look like you are living in Residential Colleges but with a little bit extras of special advantages. Besides, you are also allowed to cook. But, in this apartment, you will be living in self-catered accommodation.

On the other hand, we would like to remind you the vacancies offered just for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT (Second Year and above) only as the limited availability of each unit of house in Japan Apartment. Glad to know that we also will be looking forward to open more vacancies in the future.


For our fees, you will be charged RM350.00 per person for a month. Before check-in to Japan Apartment, you also need to pay for Deposit Charge. The amount for Deposit Charge is RM350.00 for one month rental charge, per person. Thus, the total amount that need to pay before check-in is going to be RM700.00 for each person. It is kindly to inform you, the payment for Deposit Charge will be used for the final month your staying at our apartment before you check-out. That means, you do not have to pay for the final month rental charge.

Plus, we could assure you the fees has covered for a monthly Water Bill. We also would like to inform you that the fees will not covered for Electric Bill. Thus, you will need to pay for your Electric Bill by your own. But, we will send an email regarding electric bill information charged for each unit to every tenant every single month.


Planning to find a place to stay during your duration at Kuala Lumpur for couple days? Please do not get worry since Japan Apartment also has included this service so as you can rent our apartment at weekend for RM250.00 per day. What's more surprising? Yes, that cost for one whole Accommodation Unit! Interested? Please kindly find the application link below.


For your information, you will get a lot of advantages just like student in Residential Colleges at our on-campus accommodation. You are assured of your internet connection in each unit of apartment with UM WiFi because we know you cannot live with internet nowadays. Besides, you are allowed to cook at the kitchen in our self-catered accommodation.

As an addition, you also will get a single bed with mattress, sharing study tables and chairs at living room and dining hall. Last but not least, two bathrooms are equipped with toilet and shower which attached at your bedroom for your own cozy.

However, there is NO public transportation available that going around the campus and take you to University of Malaya Japan Apartment since this apartment located at top of the hill.

If you are interested to visit and do a quick location survey, you can straightly go to our location and follow the map or direction attached below.



University of Malaya Japan Apartment is located as follows below. For the direction, please click     

      University of Malaya Japan Apartment
              Jalan 16/2, Section 16,
              46200, Petaling Jaya,
              Selangor Darul Ehsan.

      03 - 7967 3385


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03 - 7967 7785 03 - 7956 7948 03 - 7967 3314 03 - 7967 4977
khairulelmi@um.edu.my  gayah@um.edu.my lasiaf99@um.edu.my  shazrin@um.edu.my 


If you are interested with our services and offers for Japan Apartment, you can make your application through the given link below and if you want to have further information, you can directly contact our person in charge. Here, we also would like to inform you that the approval of your application is subject to availability and vacancy of unit of house/room in Japan Apartment.

How to apply for monthly rental? Just CLICK HERE !
How to apply for temporary rental? Just CLICK HERE ! (Not more than seven days).

Oh ya.. Do not forget to notify us once you have submitted your application form by calling us at contact number above.

Thank you for your continued support to our section, Student Affairs Division University of Malaya. Have a nice day!

Last Updated: 11/08/2020