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Guarantee Letter

1. Under the Student Health Scheme, all students who are admitted to Government or IPTA Hospital are to obtain Guarantee Letter issued by the Student Health Clinic's Medical Officer for submission to the hospital authorities concerned.

2. Student also need to obtain the Guarantee Letter before going for any follow-up in any Government or IPTA Hospital.

3. During an emergency, student can seek treatment at any Government or IPTA Hospital. Any payment made can be reimbursed by submitting the original receipt / invoice to the Student Health Clinic within 14 days from the date of issuance of this receipt / invoice.

4. Any payment made for non-emergency cases or cold cases during Student Health Clinic's working hours are not claimable or reimbursable.

5. Expenses will not be made or reimbursed by the Student Health Clinic if the student fails to obtain the Guarantee Letter before proceeding for any treatment.

6. Purchase of Prostethic Devices, Surgical Implants, Dentures, Special Drugs are not covered under this scheme.

7. This scheme does not cover the costs of Hospitalisation and In-patient treatment of International students

Please CLICK HERE to download Guarantee Letter guidlines.

Last Updated: 10/07/2019