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The Attach@UM program aims to provide exposure to undergraduate students on working environment through twenty (20) days placement at selected Responsibility Centres (RCs) within the Universiti Malaya. The program will take place on Semester II Break every academic session. 


a) To provide exposure to students in the early stages of psychological preparation for employment; 
b) To provide exposure to students on aspects of organizational management in UM; 
c) Students can practice soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, professional ethics and others; and
d) To help improve employability of graduates at university level and student's career choice. 


a) Students will be given allowance up to RM200 for 20 working days; 
b) Stay at residential colleges for free during the programme; 
c) Merit will be given upon fulfilling 80% of attendance;
d) Certificate of participation will be given if fulfil 80% of attendance; 
e) Preliminary exposure to work environment and working experience; 
f) Acquire hands-on experience; 
g) Identify the functions and operations of the Responsibility Centre (RC); and
h) Learning new skills and knowledge while building your confidence. 

This program is organized by Graduate Employability, Entrepreneurship and Student Development Centre, Student Affairs Division. 

Note: Students must follow this program in FULL for 20 days. 

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Last Updated: 19/10/2020